Mercy recently asked customers in a survey to weigh in on their consumption practices. You all really stepped up to help, and we appreciate you for it.

Getting sleep is the number one reason Mercy customers use cannabis. Second on that list is for mental health and relieving anxiety. The remaining reasons in order are for “having fun and enhancing activities” followed by cannabis “relieves pain, reduces inflammation, treats cancer, increases appetite and provides MS symptom relief.”

Thousands of Mercy customers from Santa Rosa, Cotati, Rohnert Park, Sebastopol, Petaluma, Windsor, Healdsburg, across Californi, and throughout the United States are finding cannabis works for them! Sharing your success or failures in using cannabis for particular treatments helps others know better what works and what doesn’t.

The FDA prohibits Mercy and other sellers and producers from making claims about the specific efficacy of cannabis—just like broccoli sellers and producers can’t make claims about the benefits of broccoli, even though we all know its benefits.

The Catch-22 is that up until very recently, research into the health effects of cannabis was also forbidden. That means that for the time being, until research can proceed, we only have our anecdotal stories and the scant research that has survived federal regulations. Thank you, Mercy customers, for your help, and we’ll keep you as informed as we can on the research.

One last note: a majority of Mercy flower customers say they look at the percent of THC by volume (the higher the better to most buyers) to determine the strains they buy. We have some exciting information about terpenes that will forever change how you choose strains. Look for it soon in the store or in our e-magazine.

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