Flor De Canna

label-v2Based in Northern California, Critical Essence Labs deploys state of the art methodologies to extract cannabis oil using SuperCritical CO2 technology. All Critical oils are refined to remove plant lipids and waxes then tested for purity and potency by Steep Hill Labs. Only the cleanest, tastiest medicinal oils are delivered in Critical cartridges.



Now get A 25mg C02 hard candy from Flor de Canna (*with a purchase of a cartridge)



Flavors Include:

Sunset Sherbert:

“Sunset Sherbet Cannabis Oil is produces the melt away with and carefree mindset that comes from an indica-leaning hybrid.”


“Candyland Cannabis Oil carries an earthy pine and sour lemon scent with woody undertones, and is is commonly used to improve conditions for patients with migraines and stress.”

Durban Poison:

“Durban Poison Cannabis Oil produces a soaring high with no fatigue or body effect, making it an ideal daytime medicine and helpful for focused, productive work.”

Gorilla Glue:

“Gorilla Glue Cannabis Oil delivers the type of euphoric, take a break from the day experience you would expect from this award winning Sativa-leaning hybrid.”

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