Gofundme Fire Relief for our Mercy Fam

On Sunday Oct 8th Sonoma County was ravaged by wildfire.  Among the 1000’s of people affected were three of our very own here at Mercy Wellness in Cotati, CA.  Zach Monday, Patrick Keenan and Holland Naumer all lost thier home on Mark West Springs Road during the Tubbs Fire.  Like many others, they were left with nothing but the clothes on their backs.
We are hoping to raise funds so that they may get the items they so desperately need in the fastest way possible!  Clothes, toiletries, food, lodging, transportation, etc…
Anyone who knows these beautiful people all know how much love and compassion they possess.   In addition to this Go Fund Me account  we will also be accepting donations at our store front.   Any cash donation will be matched dollar for dollar by Mercy Wellness.
All contributions will be greatly appreciated.   Thank you very much for all of your love and support in this trying time.


Any Amount Helps! Thank You for the Support!

You can donate by following the link below:



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