A Heartfelt Request from Mercy to You


In midstream of a terrifying pandemic wreaking havoc on us, our story turned even more ominous with the public murder of a black civilian by police, a reflex of outrage and protest by most Americans, and the opportunistic, criminal marauders terrorizing communities.

It makes you want to scream. It makes you want to cry. And maybe, it makes you want to kick some heads in.

Those are some of the emotions that spring us to action.

This is where our request comes in.

Be peaceful. Be kind. Be generous of heart.

Mercy is a business made up of people from different walks of life. Our employees, numbering over 60, our customers reaching over 100,000, and hundreds of suppliers. Diversified interests, politics, religions, education, incomes, and occupations.

Mercy’s purpose is to serve people who want cannabis. Our staff has embraced the values and principles that we live by in our service. That is how we make our contribution to the community—creating goodwill and mutual support in the process of generating economic activity by providing jobs, taxes, and goods.

We support and promote values of compassion, kindness, responsibility, and love in our exchange among ourselves and with the public. We let our values define our behavior and we take responsibility for it. The values above, by their nature, reject the police brutality and racism we’ve witnessed. Our strength comes from what we embrace and act on consistently and that’s where our efforts are right now.

We may not be able to control events unfolding on the national stage but we can control the way we behave as a local community starting with Mercy and fanning out from there for our part.

There’s an old saying, “You aren’t rewarded for having virtues as you are by living them.” That’s what we want for the Mercy stakeholders.

Thank you for being a part of the Mercy Fam.

Be peaceful. Be kind. Be generous of heart.

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