Hi-Fi Hops Sparkling Beverage by Lagunitas X AbsoluteXtracts

With great luck and pride I present to you Lagunitas Brewing Co.’s Hi-Fi Hops sparkling cannabis beverages. Lagunitas is a magical brewery that represents the pioneer spirit of Northern California: artistic, DIY, free-range; a circus, a catch-me-if-you-can company. And now, center stage Lagunitas sings a revolutionary song that will be heard throughout the world.

These drinks contain a crisp, carbonated, lightly hoppy club soda with your choice of 10mg THC or a 1:1 5mg THC:CBD combo made possible by Lagunitas’ partnership with

AbsoluteXtracts. This magic liquid will help you glide through your next couple hours like a hoverboard gently floating you through the garden of life. Hi-Fi Hops is the future of cannabis. Well done, Lagunitas — if anyone was going to do it, we all hoped it would be you.

Available At…

  1. Mercy Wellness: 7950 Redwood Dr #8, Cotati, CA 94931
  2. Alpine Alternative: 8112 Alpine Ave., Sacramento, CA 95826
  3. BLÜM – Oakland: 578 W Grand Ave., Oakland, CA 94612